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American Catholic Radio (ACR) is a weekly half-hour program of Catholic information and inspiration to help you know your faith, so you can grow in your faith. Program hosts are Franciscan Father Greg Friedman or Judy Zarick.
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#16-35 (Monday, August 22, 2016)
“The witness of catechists and teachers of the faith also creates and fosters a culture of witness.” - DCW

#16-34 (Monday, August 15, 2016)
“A culture of witness is sustained within the Church through marriage and the family.” - DCW

#16-33 (Monday, August 8, 2016)
“The active participation and practice of the liturgy, prayers, devotions, and popular piety of the Church provide a powerful witness to the faith.” - DCW

#16-32 (Monday, August 1, 2016)
“It is the responsibility of both pastors and laity to ensure that the doors of the parish are always open.” - DCW

#16-31 (Monday, July 25, 2016)
"The commitment to living the Christian life provides an essential element of the culture of witness." - DCW

#16-30 (Monday, July 18, 2016)
American Catholic Radio asks: "What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?"

#16-29 (Monday, July 11, 2016)
ACR's guests help us learn about human experiences of God.

#16-28 (Monday, July 4, 2016)
This week, ACR's guests help us learn more about the meaning of catechesis.

#16-27 (Monday, June 27, 2016)
ACR's guests explore what it means to be a Christian family.

#16-26 (Monday, June 20, 2016)
Learn more about liturgy and devotions from ACR's guests.

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