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Program for Monday, January 04, 2010 (#10-02)
Take time for a "spiritual makeover" for the new year with American Catholic Radio, your source for information and inspiration.

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This Week's Program
Living Faith with Judy Zarick Living Faith with Judy Zarick
Patricia Oetting is a nurse from Florida who spends many weeks in Haiti helping a priest friend bury the dead. Families who cannot afford to bury their loved ones send the bodies to the morgue. Producer Judy Zarick tells how Patricia helps give these deceased family members dignity in death

Ask a Franciscan Ask a Franciscan
Father Don Miller answers questions: If God has predestined those who will be saved or damned doesn't that contradict God's loving nature? and What amount is appropriate to contribute to my parish each month?

Minute Meditation Minute Meditation
This program’s Minute Meditation is from "Spiritual Freedom: God's Life-changing Gift" by Franciscan Third Order Regular Father Dave Pivonka. Servant Book read by BB

Marriage Moment Marriage Moment
Last November, the U.S. Bishops approved their pastoral letter, Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.  It's their hope that their multi-year Pastoral Initiative for Marriage will "communicate from the riches of our Catholic faith the meaning and value of marriage and to offer support and practical assistance for it to flourish both in society and in the Church." Our weekly "Marriage Moment," presents Andrew and Terri Lyke who answer the question, What does it mean that "marriage is a process"?

Exploring Our Faith with John Feister Exploring Our Faith with John Feister
Have you considered a "spiritual makeover" for the new year?  Meet author Gina Loehr, who wrote Choosing Beauty: A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover for Women.  Gina's book comes out of her experience as a teacher, youth minister, wife and mom—and it's all about letting one's "true beauty" emerge.

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