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Program for Monday, October 17, 2005 (#05-43)
World Mission Sunday, fundraising, temptation, excommunication, bowing at Communion and the Book of Job are topics explored in this American Catholic Radio program.

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This Week's Program
Liturgy Corner
Nick’s friend, George, noticed people bowing before Communion and asked, “What’s that all about?”

Catholic Treasure
Can you name the biblical book that deals with the question of suffering?

Living Faith with Judy Zarick Living Faith with Judy Zarick
Eric Fischer survives bone cancer, sees his disease as an “opportunity to touch others” and becomes a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. He raises money and is named top middle-school volunteer of the year.

American Cancer Society
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Ask a Franciscan Ask a Franciscan
Would God lead us into temptation? (Jeanne); was I excommunicated for participating in a wedding at an Episcopal church? (Linda); what is the meaning of pope speaking ‘ex cathedra’? (Mike); what’s an agape luncheon? (Georgia)

Minute Meditation Minute Meditation
This program’s Minute Meditation is an excerpt from Landscape of Prayer by Murray Bodo, O.F.M.

Landscape of Prayer by Murray Bodo, O.F.M.

Exploring Our Faith with John Feister Exploring Our Faith with John Feister
Sister Joan Chittister talks about how we can find meaning in our human suffering.

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