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Program for Monday, September 29, 2008 (#08-40)
Role of Sacred Scripture, Synod on Scripture, St. Jerome, serving the poorest in Haiti, confrontation of Saints Paul and Peter, role of sacred scripture in Christian life

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This Week's Program
Portrait Paul
In observance of the Year of St. Paul, Father Norman Langenbrunner examines the head-to-head confrontation between two great Church leaders—;Sts. Paul and Peter—;over the issue of how to treat Gentile converts.

Living Faith with Judy Zarick Living Faith with Judy Zarick
Deacon Patrick Moynihan left a lucrative career as a commodities trader and manager to become a missionary and serve the poorest of the poor in Haiti, helping them attain an education and ensuring a more positive future.

The Haitian Project

Ask a Franciscan Ask a Franciscan
Father Hilarion Kistner responds to questions:
• What is the scriptural basis for speaking in tongues?
• Should Jesus' command to leave family and possessions to follow him be taken literally?
• What's the meaning of the Beatitude “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied”?

Minute Meditation Minute Meditation
This program’s Mnute Meditation is from Jesus in the House: Gospel Reflections on Christ#146;s Presence in the Home by Allan F. Wright.

Exploring Our Faith with John Feister Exploring Our Faith with John Feister
Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., is one of the American representatives to the world synod of bishops examining the role of Sacred Scripture in Christian life. In the first of a two-part interview, he offers his own reflections on the place of the Bible in Catholic life and the goals of the synod.

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