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Program for Monday, February 27, 2012 (#12-10)
American Catholic Radio continues its Lenten series on the personal journey of conversion and renewal of faith,and looks at the stress of temptation.

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This Week's Program
Living Faith Living Faith
Producer Judy Zarick interviews Elaine Crosby, former member of the LPGA professional golf tour. Since moving to Michigan in 2005 from Florida she has been on a journey toward "a stewardship way of life" thanks to an invitation from her pastor.

Ask a Franciscan Ask a Franciscan
Franciscan Father Don Miller answers these ethical questions: What is relativism and why would it be sinful? Are God and heaven real, or is suffering in life followed by death all there is?

On Faith and Media On Faith and Media
Direct from Hollywood, ACR presents Sister Rose Pacatte from the Daughters of St. Paul. Her mission is to help people of faith understand what we’re seeing and hearing all around us. She’s an educator, author, movie reviewer for the Catholic press, and she’s won numerous awards for her passion to illuminate what’s good in today’s popular culture. Sister Rose will speak about the theme of temptation in our mediated, technological world.

Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

Minute Meditation Minute Meditation
Barbara Beckwith reads from Lent With the Saints: Daily Reflections, written by Greg Friedman, O.F.M. and published by Francisan Media.

"Lent With the Saints: Daily Reflections," by Greg Friedman, OFM. Franciscan Media

Exploring Our Faith Exploring Our Faith
Each year on the First Sunday of Lent, our Gospel reading gives an account of how Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan. As we continue our Lenten journey of personal spirituality, American Catholic Radio decided to interview a real expert on temptation. He’s known to readers of C. S. Lewis’s classic books on the subject, his volume, The Screwtape Letters and its 1959 sequel, Screwtape Proposes a Toast. Screwtape is an official in the hierarchy of hell, charged with the instruction of an apprentice devil in the art of temptation. We managed to get Screwtape himself here to talk with producer John Feister about temptation. 

A fictional conversation with 'Screwtape,' inspired by Luke T. Johnson's "Commonweal" article

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