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Program for Monday, May 21, 2012 (#12-22)
American Catholic Radio reflects on The Creed "Baptism."

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Living Faith Living Faith
Producer Judy Zarick speaks with best-selling author Nicholas Sparks about his Catholic faith and how he witnesses that faith in the media culture.

Nicholas Sparks' Official Website

Ask a Franciscan Ask a Franciscan
Franciscan Father Don Miller answers these moral questions: Should a child be brought to the Sacrament of Reconciliation for every offense? Why would the Church oppose using embryonic stem cells that were obtained through an abortion, for research purposes?

On Faith and Media On Faith and Media
Direct from Hollywood, ACR presents Sister Rose Pacatte from the Daughters of St. Paul. Her mission is to help people of faith understand what we’re seeing and hearing all around us. She’s an educator, author, movie reviewer for the Catholic press, and she’s won numerous awards for her passion to illuminate what’s good in today’s popular culture. Water, says Sr. Rose, is mentioned over 600 times in the Bible and is a frequent visual motif in movies and on television. Why?

Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

Minute Meditation Minute Meditation
Barbara Beckwith reads from Reasons for Hope: Daily Readings, by Blessed John Paul II. A Servant Book published by Franciscan Media.

"Reasons for Hope: Daily Readings," by Blessed John Paul II. A Servant Book.

Exploring Our Faith Exploring Our Faith
Here on ACR during this Easter season, we’re taking a closer look at the words of the Nicene Creed, one of two ancient statements of faith used at Mass. We’ve invited a special season-long guest to “Exploring Our Faith” with John Feister to help us. He is award-winning author and speaker, Mark P. Shea. His one-minute presentations, “Words of Encouragement,” on various Catholic faith issues, are heard on Catholic radio stations nationally. Mr. Shea is the author of numerous books on Catholic apologetics, most recently The Work of Mercy: Being the Hands and Heart of Christ, published in 2011 by Franciscan Media. Today, he and John explore Baptism, the gift of God’s relationship with us.

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