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Lenten Radio Retreat
Lenten Radio Retreat Franciscan Radio and the U.S. Catholic bishops encourage you to put aside today’s cares and worries, and take a “Radio Retreat”—online. Using either the Windows Media Player, Real Player or any MP3 player, including Apple’s iPod, take this opportunity to focus clearly on what God is saying to you this Lent. Each week our group of bishops leads you, in English or in Spanish, through the Lenten Gospels. See a complete listing of the episodes.

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa Mother Teresa of Calcutta was born 100 years ago in Albania. She received a special call from God to serve those on the margins of society. Celebrate this centenary of a saint of the 21st century with these media features:
Who Are the Poor?
Mother Teresa’s Encounter
Contemplatives in the Heart of the World
How Do We Love?
Listen to Mother Teresa Pray

Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M. For many years Franciscan Father Richard Rohr has challenged individuals to undertake the gospel journey to conversion. He has spoken around the world, and his books and audio presentations are available at www.AmericanCatholic.org. Here are samples of Father Rohr's themes:
Transforming Our Pain
Exploring Our Roots
Embracing Sacred Time
Transformed by Easter
Learning From the Cross
Elected by God
Accepting Our Acceptance
Called to the Banquet
The Paradox of Power
Lost and Found
Struggling With Evil
Reverencing the Bible
Connecting the Dots
The Paradox of the Cross
A Closer Look at St. Anthony of Padua

Francis and His Followers
Francis and His Followers Sample stories about how and where St. Francis of Assisi lived, and learn about St. Clare and St. Anthony of Padua--all of whom are patrons of our Franciscan Media mission:
The Story of Francis’ Conversion
Francis of Assisi: A Saint for All Ages
David Haas Sings a Prayer From St. Francis
A Figure of Most Magical Power and Charm
Holy Places: The Basilica of St. Francis

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